Company Profile

Shanghai Leiqiang Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and technical services of temperature control automation products. It consists of a product research and development department, a technical department, and a business department, mainly with a strong technical team and first-class service team, to provide customers with comprehensive on-site solutions. The company's main products include high and low voltage controllable silicon power regulators, temperature control meters, industrial grade AC solid-state relays, cycle controllers, controllable silicon trigger boards, and complete control systems.


Features: Economical and easy to operate
●Zero crossing power regulation/voltage regulation can be freely switched
● Output voltage limitation, automatic discrimination of R S. T three-phase phase
●Triangle, star, center connected to zero, and non connected to zero are all acceptable
●LED work indicator light. Clear operation and faults at a glance
●Adjustable slow start/slow shutdown time

Features: Multiple protection functions
●Power/voltage regulation, phase loss operation/phase loss alarm can be freely set by the user
●Multiple input signals, 4-20mA/0-10V can be freely set
●Short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, load disconnection alarm,
●Multiple LED working status indicators for clear operation/faults

Features: LCD display
● Three rows display voltage and current, 485 communication, 4-20mA transmission
● Output voltage limit 50HZ 60HZ automatic adaptation to overcurrent and overheating alarm
● Any combination of manual/automatic

Feature: Simultaneously displaying three-phase voltage and current
● Overcurrent, overvoltage, and overpower protection
● Load disconnection, short circuit, power phase loss alarm
● Constant current, constant voltage, constant power
● Online use with power allocation capability
● Modbus RTU communication

●Beautiful and vivid large font color LCD display with free input
● Anti overshoot PID/adaptive PID/self-tuning PID
●Programmable 40 step curve, output percentage display
●PV SV.MV analog transmission output, RS-485 communication
● External control input DI simplifies the complexity of key operations

Brand: Shimada SHIMADA Class 0.25
◆Easy to operate, economical and practical.
◆Unique anti overshoot PID and adaptive PID.
◆ Manual/automatic disturbance free replacement
◆ Upper and lower limit output limiting
◆ 2-way event output

●Beautiful and vivid large font color LCD display, multiple input signals
● Anti overshoot PID, adaptive PID, self-tuning PID
●Progr ammable 40 step curve, 485 communication, transmission output
● Output percentage display/real-time monitoring of output power
● Slope operation and timing function

●Precision 0.2 level guide rail installation, beautiful and vivid color LCD display
●Multiple input signals, anti overshoot/adaptive/self-tuning PID
●Programmable 40 step curve, 485 communication, transmission output
● Output percentage display/real-time monitoring of output power